Coronavirus: Boris Johnson warns NHS in danger of being overwhelmed – BBC News

The UK’s Prime Minister has warned the National Health Service (NHS) will be overwhelmed unless the British people act together to slow the spread of coronavirus. Boris Johnson described the rising number of cases as “very stark and they are accelerating”. He added that the UK was two or three weeks behind Italy, which is registering thousands of deaths from the disease. The NHS has struck a deal with hospitals across England to utilise nearly their entire hospital capacity to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Today the government asked shoppers in the UK to “be responsible” and think of others such as NHS workers, after panic-buying amid the coronavirus outbreak. Environment Secretary George Eustice said there was more than enough food to go around – but the challenge for shops was keeping shelves stocked.

Presented by Kate Silverton, with reporting from Dominic Hughes, Nick Eardley, and Katy Austin.

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